Opening salvo of the Wolgast system- Horus Heresy

Join us for a 4 vs 4 epic struggle as the opening salvos of the Wolgast system strike home on the outer defenses of the system.

Each player must submit their list to by Oct 1st 2022.

Named characters must be approved to avoid having the same character on the field twice.

4k list with the following requirement:

  • At least 1k must be vehicles and or fortifications.
  • You must bring a Lord of War, and/or fortification with the massive rule, and/or a Primarch.
  • (If you bring a LoW, or massive fortification its cost can count towards your 1k requirement.)
  • Lascannon Heavy support squads are limited to 0-1.  This includes legion specific variations.
  • Dreadnaughts do not count as vehicles.

All models must be painted.

All rules released prior to GT by Gamesworkshop for Horus Heresy will be valid.  If you wish to change your force due to a new release please email me at

Please note the intent of this game is to field some of the big toys you seldom see at the GT.  Have fun with your list.

Event Information

Event Start: