Bolt Action Patrol

Basic Rules and Army Composition:

  • Army Construction:  Players will bring a 500-point army.
  • This Army should follow the Combat Patrol Platoon organization. (see Below)  
  • Combat Patrol Platoon Per Player – no more than 8 order dice.
  • A Combat Patrol Platoon contains units from one Nation selected from the Armies of… and Campaign… books.

Combat Patrol Platoon

The platoon is made up as follows:

1 Lieutenant (First or Second)
2 Infantry Squads



  • 0-1 Medic
  • 0-1 Chaplain
  • 0-1 Intelligence Officer


  • 0-3 Infantry Squads
  • 0-1 Machine Gun Team
  • 0-1 Mortar Team
  • 0-1 Anti-tank Team
  • 0-1 Sniper Team
  • 0-1 Flamethrower Team


  • 0-1 Artillery, Anti-Tank or Anti-Aircraft gun

Armored Car

  • 0-1 Armored Car or Recce vehicle: Armor 8 max


  • 0-1 Tank, Tank Destroyer, Assault Gun, Self-Propelled Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Vehicle: Armor 8 max

Transport and Tows

  • 0-3 Vehicles: Armor 7 max

Combat Patrol Platoon Special Rules

  • No free units or equipment of any kind (free British Artillery Observer, free Soviet Inexperienced squad, free Schützen squad LMG, etc.)
  • The Leadership Standard: The Morale level of the Lieutenant must be equal to or greater than the Morale level of the majority of the units in the platoon (rounding up)
  • Maximum of 3 vehicles
  • No weapons with HE 3” or HE 4”
  • Maximum of 1 infantry flamethrower
  • No vehicle-mounted flamethrowers
  • The M3 Stuart tank is allowed, but cannot be given the additional hull-mounted LMGs
  • The M5/M5A1 Stuart is not allowed as it has Armor 9 in the front.
  • No War Reporters
  • No Heroes/Special Characters
  • Forces, units and Theater Selectors from Campaign: Korea are not allowed
  • Players using a Commonwealth force from Duel in the Sun, Campaign: Western Desert or Campaign: New Guinea, view the Commonwealth National Rule breakdown.
  • Any rules, books, updates, etc. published after Jan. 15, 2022 will not be allowed.
  • The CURRENT FAQ & Errata will be used for the tournament.

House Rules

  • Turret Jam: The Turret Jam rule will not be used.

Army List:

  • Players MUST have a copy of their tournament list Army lists are due by Sept 22nd , 2023. 1 bonus TP will be awarded for early list submission.
  • List submissions will be submitted by email to:
  • List format should be done through easyarmy.  (Https://
  • Note on EasyArmy – We all use it, we all love it. But double check those lists against the book.

Game Time:     

   90 min rounds - The players must finish their current Turn, and then the game ends automatically. Times must be strictly enforced at this tournament.

Friday, Oct 26th, 2023

4:00 – 4:30 pm  Check in and Briefing

4:30 – 6:00 pm  Round #1

6:00 – 6:30 pm  Break / Paint Judging Display

6:30 – 8:00 pm  Round #2

8:00 – 8:15 pm  Break

8:15 – 9:45pm  Round #3

9:45-10:15 pm  Final scoring and awards


 Victory is calculated as described in the Scenarios being played and TP are awarded for victories, defeats and draws as shown below:

Major Victory/Loss  3 TP / 0 TP

Draw  1.5 TP

      In addition to TP, players also record how many enemy dice they destroy during their games called Army Points (AP)  These points are used as a tiebreaker to pair off players who are on the same level of TPs or if the tournament is tied. The winner will be the player with the highest AP total.

AP = Order Dice destroyed.


1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place

  Sportsmanship Painting    


All Models must be painted (WYSIWYG and at least 3 colors) – Bases must be painted and flocked. 

Paint judging will be conducted according to Rubic Paint form found on the Death or Glory website

In the case of “counts as” conversions, please make sure your opponent is clear as to what the conversion counts as prior to the game beginning.  Models should be 28mm in scale.



Event Information

Event Start: