Rumbleslam! at the GT

This RUMBLESLAM! tournament uses teams of 1.5 million Dosh, and can include up to two Superstars or a single Tag Team. Your wrestlers can be recruited from any casino, but sticking to a single casino will of course earn you a Sponsorship as chosen from the rulebook. Re-rolls may be purchased as normal, but Event Cards aren’t usable in this tournament.

There are 3 matches in this tournament with 5 Rounds each and a 1 hour max time limit for each match. At the end of each match, points will be awarded accordingly:

  • KOs: 1 point for each enemy wrestler KO’d for the first time. Multiple KOs on each wrestler don’t award any additional points.
  • Ejections: 1 point for each enemy wrestler thrown out of the ring.
  • Victory Before The Bell: 2 points if there are no enemy wrestlers left in the ring before the end of Round 5. A worthy victory!

In addition, each team receives an extra 5 points for having a fully painted team (3 colors minimum – full judging at tournament

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Event Information

Cost: $15.00
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