Bolt Action Back to the Front!

The Bolt Action: Back to the Front! is Back! This year we have space for 24 players – 12 Axis, 12 Allied. It will consist of three rounds at 1,000 points.

Your force may consist of a maximum of TWO Reinforced Platoons, and no more than 18 order Dice. No Tank Platoons, No Special Characters, No Planes, No Flame Vehicles.

The Platoon(s) in the force must be selected using the Army List Section of the Main Rule Book, One of the Armies of xxxx Books, or an Approved Generic List of a minor country that does not have an Armies of xxxx Book. All lists must be Generic Platoons, no theater lists.

Approved Books: Armies of Germany (v2), Armies of United States, Armies of Great Britain, Armies of Soviet Union, Armies of Imperial Japan, Armies of France and the Allies, Armies of Italy and the Axis Approved Generic Lists of Armies without a Book: Austrailian Reinforced Platoon, French Late-war reinforced Platoon, Chinese (Communist) Reinforced Platoon, Chinese (Nationalist) Reinforced Platoon, Chinese (Warlord) Reinforced Platoon

The current FAQ will be utilized. Painting must be WYSIWYG and at least 3 colors, bases must be painted and flocked. Please refer to the Michigan GT miniatures rules for further details. Questions can be sent to:

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