Kill Team Championship

In the grimdark future of 40k small squads of special operatives fight for dominance in the galaxy. Take part in the conflict! Missions and Tac Ops will be generated the day of the event.

Tournament Style: 16 players. Swiss Pairings. 3 Rounds. First round begins at 10:00 AM.

You will require a roster of up to 20 Operatives to participate in this event, plus three barricades.

Details for selecting your Matched Roster can be found on page 90 of the Kill Team Core Book. Kill Team Barricades are available in either the Kill Team Octarius set or Kill Team Essentials set.

Players can scratch build barricades to fit the theme of their army as long as they are the same size and shape as those found in the Kill Team Essentials box. Once you have built your Kill Teams, you must record each one on an army roster. You should bring at least 3 copies of your Roster to the event. Models must adhere to the MI:GT Modeling Painting Guidelines and there will be a prize for Best Painted Kill Team.

While each board may have a different aesthetic or theme; each will be pre-set by the Events Team to ensure it is conducive to fair and balanced gameplay for each round. If you are also playing in the Crusade Narrative event on Saturday and Sunday, there will be additional Spec Ops missions you can achieve to unlock bonus goodies for your army. These rules will have no impact on the Kill Team tournament itself, but they will reward you for taking risks during the event and give you small advantages for your army and your team for the rest of the weekend. A special rules packet will be handed out the day of the event if you wish to participate.

Event Information

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