Warhammer 40K Kill Team tournament

Small unit tactics prevail in the deadliest close-quarters fighting you've ever seen! We'll be using the NEW edition of Kill Team, with all factions chosen from either the Compendium book or the Octarius book. Only the Core Rules, Compendium, and Octarius books, plus any FAQs/errata released before September 24th will be in effect.

Kill Team rosters must consist of up to 20 models with the same faction keyword. They must also have the same selectable keyword. All pre-game wargear selections (including EP-based selections) must be represented on your command roster submitted to the organizers.

When mustering for a game, each player will field a legal kill team as outlined by their faction rules (i.e. number of fire teams and the composition of them). Tac Ops cards will be in use, and missions will be selected by the organizers for each round from the Core Book.

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Cost: $40.00
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