Warhammer 40k All Aspects Doubles

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Welcome to the 40K All Aspects Doubles, brought to you by Far Harbor Gaming.

Over the last several years, the Warhammer 40K tournament scene has swung heavily towards the Win/Loss format and a winner-takes-all approach. In these formats, the only score that matters, is who won or lost the game. While these events have proven to be very successful and are lots of fun, they cater to a small but dedicated subset of 40K players. But the Win/Loss format, by its very nature of not including so-called “soft scores”, neglects other types of hobbyists.

Here at The Michigan GT, we believe how one achieves victory is just as important as the victory itself. That our opponent’s experience is every bit as important as our own, and that as many aspects of the hobby should be rewarded as possible. Many players spend just as much of their hobby time immersed in the background; building, converting, and painting their models, as they do actually playing the game.

We believe the Win/Loss format neglects major aspects of the hobby and thus isolates many active members of Warhammer 40K community. We strive to address these omissions with including all aspects of the hobby in our scoring rubric. This event rewards players for more than just winning their games by introducing a scoring rubric where soft scores are just as important. This event encourages players bring a thematic army where their time spent on the hobby is awarded. Our scoring rubric will be split 50/50 with battle points and soft scores, such as paint, conversions, theme, and sportsmanship.

Each player will bring a 1,000 point army.  There will be more information about the event coming, such as mission and scoring rubrics. As well as award categories for the event.

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