Warhammer 40k Championships

The Michigan GT 40K Championships is back!   We’re excited to have you join us as we bring back this celebration of all aspects of the Warhammer 40K hobby.  The largest event at the Michigan GT, we’ve upgraded and streamlined the 40K Championships for Warhammer 40K 9th Edition.  Players will bring 2000-point, Battle-Ready, Matched-Play armies for five rounds of play.  Players will be challenged to excel in all aspects of the hobby - generalship, painting and modelling, and sportsmanship will all play their part in determining our champions for the weekend.

As you might expect, the 2022 Michigan GT 40K Championships will recognize not just the best overall player, best general, and best theme and appearance, but also the best players from the various factions and faction groups.   In addition, as an ITC Major with a projected attendance of at least 160 players, participants will have the opportunity to earn serious points for themselves or their teams in the 2022 Independent Tournament Circuit.  Be part of the triumphant, action-packed, return of the Michigan GT 40K Championships!

In addition, this year the Michigan GT 40K Championships is proud to announce that we've joined the Great Lakes Circuit, a network of 40K events in and around the Great Lakes states.  MichiganGT players will earn earn circuit points for the GLC.


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