Warhammer 40K Championship


October 7, 9:00AM

October 8, 9:00AM

The force categories are as follows:

Angels of Death (any Space Marine faction, except Grey Knights)
Emperor’s Hammers (Astra Militarum & Militarum Tempestus)
Imperial Shadows (Inquisition, Grey Knights, Adeptus Sororitas, Officio Assassinorum)
Questoris Familia (Imperial Knights)
Legio Mechanicus (Cult Mechanicus & Skitarii)
Traitor Legions (Chaos Space Marines)
Daemontouched (Chaos Daemons and Daemonkin)
Children of the Craftworlds (Eldar)
Webway Exiles (Dark Eldar & Harlequins)
Waaagh! (Orks)
The Greater Good (Tau)
The Devouring Swarm (Tyranids & Genestealer Cults)
The Undying Legions (Necrons)


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