Refund Policy

Sometimes things in life happen, and we get it! Our goal is to provide you with a flexible refund policy that works out for both you and our event. Below are our guidelines on refunds for our events.

Family Emergency

Many of us have experienced this, and sometimes the unpredictable just happens. If you have a family emergency, and it’s up to two weeks before the event, we will be able to issue a partial refund. This will be a refund minus the processing fee that is assessed by our merchant account.

Event Swaps

If you want to drop one event to switch to another, you can do so up to 30 days prior to the GT. We will credit you the full amount of your entry fee and charge/refund you the difference between the cost of the events. Anything within 30 days will result in a forfeiture of your event fee.

No Shows

If you just don’t show up, you forfeit your event fee, plain and simple.

All Others

If something else in life happens, and you can’t make it, you can request by Labor Day prior to the GT.  You will be refunded your event fees minus the processing fee assessed by our merchant account.

“But I missed the refund deadline, do I have other options?”

Absolutely! If you cannot make it and you missed the refund deadline, you can give/sell your event entry to another person. All that we ask is that you send an email to

Be sure to include:

Your name
The email address you used to register
The name of the new entrant
The email address of the new entrant
Any other supplemental information that your event requires for that person