Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Tournament

The time has come again for great armies to compete for dominance over Eä in Lansing, MI!

Over the course of two days, warlords will lead their forces and fight for glory through five rounds of glorious Conquest!

The tournament will be using the most recent FAQ and army lists released by Para-Bellum as of the GT weekend.

Please remember to bring the following:

-Two printed copies of your army list

-Your army

-Dice, tokens, templates, and measuring devices

Army lists will be 2000pts, and must be painted to a three-color minimum.

Rounds will be two hours each, with a 45 minute lunch break after the first round on Saturday. Short 15 minute breaks will occur after the other rounds.

Please register for the event on Longshanks and upload your army list there by September 30 at the following link:

Event Information

Day 1 Event Start:
Day 2 Event Start: