Marvel Crisis Protocol: Single Affliliation

This will be a Standard Timeline Challenger event as detailed in Atomic Mass Games organized play documents. Please review the most current Challenger event rules available at with the following exceptions

• All models on a player's roster must have the a shared affiliation per the latest affiliation list or the rogue agent rule.  

• You must declare your affiliation at registration and use it every game when building your roster.  (Note: this does not need to be the same affiliation as the shared affiliation when selecting your roster.  For example if you want to play Hellfire Club you would declare "Unaffiliated" but all your models must be Uncanny X-Men or Brotherhood of Mutants to be on the same roster as Emma)

• A roster can be less than 10 models to account for affiliations that are less than 10 models

Bring an assembled and painted force of 10 (or less) characters, 10 Tactics cards, and 3 each of Secure and Extract scenario cards. Please also bring all tokens, dice, and other tools you require for your roster.

Custom or third-party models or gameplay tools must be approved to match official size requirements of official Atomic Mass Games products. Custom models must be clearly identifiable as the official model they are replacing.


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