Batman Miniature Game - No Man's Land

Gotham City. Home of the most corrupt, insane and horrible denizens that an unlucky citizen is doomed to meet. Where darkness seems to coat the entire city in a thick haze of despair.

Mercifully, down in the muck with the criminals and psychopaths, there are heroes who still exist. I will bring the fight to them with perseverance and unfailing tenacity.

This is Gotham. This is my city. I am the darkness. I am the night. I. Am. Batman!

Welcome to the Batman Miniature Game by Knight Models! Whether you are new to Gotham or a veteran of the long fight, you can participate in this match of wits and tactics.

Batman is a skirmish style game played on a 3x3 board. Players will try to spread their influence over the board and score their objectives while hindering their opponents. Gameplay is fast, furious, and your choices will give you the best chance of saving or destroying Gotham.

Join us for the fun of playing with your favorite heroes or villains! Or, just stop by and get a feel for the game! Hope to see you all there!

This event is a 350 Rep / $1500 Funding tournament. Rounds will depend on the amount of participants. An event packet will contain all the details regarding setup and timeframe.

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