D&D War Arena

Welcome to the D&D: War Arena, where champions from across the multiverse gather to compete for glory. Bhaal, the god of blood and murder, has summoned these mighty warriors to his infernal coliseum, offering unimaginable rewards to the victor and dark consequences for the defeated.
In this battleground filled with traps and lurking creatures, heroes, and antiheroes clash, unleashing their abilities and strategic prowess. As arcane spells collide and steel clashes, legends are forged that will resonate throughout the multiverse. Will you rise above the rest, etching your name in the annals of history, and shape the fate of the multiverse itself? Enter the realm of blood and murder, where only the strongest and most cunning will claim the ultimate prize.

Game Publisher             Wizards of the Coast
Game Edition             5th Edition
Game System             Dungeons & Dragons
Game Complexity             High
Player Experience Required     Yes
Rules Taught             No

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