BattleTech Total Warfare Grinder

The BattleTech Total Warfare Grinder is a continuous format that is not paused or restarted at event breaks, but instead players are added or removed as the game goes on. Players start with the lowest level ‘Mech equipped with the most basic equipment. As players’ ‘Mechs are destroyed, they move up to ‘Mechs with slightly more advanced equipment. Through this progression, players learn how to use all the common equipment in Battletech.

No experience or miniatures are required!  Whether you're an experienced player or just getting into the BattleTech hobby, the BattleTech Total Warfare Grinder welcomes everyone!

1 ticket per event or unlimited with the weekend pass

Friday 1200-1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800, 1800-2000

Saturday 1000-1200, 1200-1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800, 1800-2000

Sunday 1000-1200, 1200-1400, 1400-1600


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