BattleTech Alpha Strike Drafted for War


Salvage BoxCome participate in the Michigan GT Alpha Strike “DRAFTED FOR WAR” event. No need for painting – no need to even bring an army! Just bring your dice, a ruler, your BattleTech Alpha Strike rules, and your sense of sportsmanship, fun, and fair play.

At check-in, every player will receive FOUR BattleTech Clan Invasion salvage boxes. Once everyone has gotten their salvage boxes, players will open their boxes as a group. Each player will then pick one of their ‘Mechs and pass the rest on to the next player. Repeat, until every player has a lance of 4 BattleMechs to build a 175 point army from.

Once every player has built their list, players will forge a narrative over three rounds of combat. Some will win, some will draw, some will lose, but everyone will have a good time and walk away with a shiny new lance of Clan Invasion ‘Mechs.

Download the event rules from the link below:

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