Warhammer 40k All Aspects Doubles

***Only one purchase is required per team***

Hello everyone!! Welcom to the warhammer 40k all Aspects Doubles 10th Edition! Brought to you by Far Harbor Gaming.  This will be two player teams competing in three rounds of tabletop combat. Each round will last 3 hours. We will be running the current 40k chapter approved. This will be an all aspects event. Meaning it is not only a test for teams ability to adept to your opponent, but a challenging to your hobby skills.

Length: 3 rounds

Points: 1k per player


The following are the details for army construction:

  • Each player will build a 1k point list.
  • No duplicate Special Characters i.e. cant have Angron in both players list
  • Each player must be Battle Forged
  • Teams can have "wacky" alliances
  • Each team will have a warlord, both can give up points for secondaries if applicable
  • Each team member gets access to warlord traits and relics.
  • Teams will share CPs
  • Team armies are treated as allies. teams can share abilities with each other as long as they use the correct keywords on the abilities.
  • Each team is required to bring all the things they need to play (dice, tape measure, codex, chapter approved, etc) as these will not be provided.

Painting requirements

  • Armies must be battle ready and based
  • Display board is not required but highly encouraged (it effects points)

Missions / scoring points

  • Our scoring rubric will be split 50/50 with battle points and soft scores, such as paint, conversions, theme, and sportsmanship.
  • Missions TBD
  • There will also be a bonus for bringing in a toy/toys for Toys for Tots


Event Information

Event Start: