Warmachine MKIV Championship (Iron Gauntlet Qualifier)

The main event! Fight for one of the last spots in the Iron Gauntlet, hosted November 1-3 in St. Louis! Iron Gauntlet points will be given for the top 8 players (actual points earned varies on attendance). Even if you aren't going to WFW, you can still flex your skills for prizes!

Format: Steamroller 2024 Prime Arena

100 points, 1 list required, 2nd list optional. Both lists must be from the same Army.

Steamroller rules can be downloaded for free from https://store.privateerpress.com/steamroller-rules/ or viewed in the Warmachine App.

Please also register on Longshanks at https://warmachine.longshanks.org/event/15884/

Terrain Primer


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