Wild West Exodus - Gunfight for the Great Lakes

Howdy folks! Welcome to the second Wild West Exodus Gunslinger Tournament held at the MichiganGT, the Gunfight for the Great Lakes! Round out your weekend with a throw down in the weird west! Bring your best 1200 point posse and see how you stack up against your fellow compadres! This gunslinger tournament will consist of three rounds, with each round having a separate adventure scenario to test your mettle! They will be as follows:

Round 1: Higher Ground

Round 2: Stake a Claim

Round 3: Send a Message

There will be awards for Best-Painted, Most Sporting, and Most Gunslinger Points!

Please bring two copies of your posse list, along with all accessories and tokens to play Wild West Exodus. Miniatures must be painted to a three-color minimum.

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Event Information

Cost: $40.00
Event Start: