Michigan GT X-wing Championship

Attention all X-Wing players! Get ready for an electrifying showdown at the Michigan GT X-Wing tournament, where up to 32 skilled pilots will engage in a battle of epic proportions. With 4 rounds of intense play, the competition will be fierce, leading to a thrilling cut to the top 4 contenders. Prepare to unleash your strategic genius with 20 points for your list, utilizing any standard ship of your choice. Stay on your toes as objectives will be randomized for each round, adding an element of surprise, and forcing you to adapt. This is your chance to prove yourself as the ultimate X-Wing pilot, so mark your calendars and get ready for a heart-pounding display of skill and strategy. 32 skilled pilots competing in the Michigan GT X-Wing tournament. 4 rounds of intense play to determine the ultimate victor. The top 4 contenders will advance after a thrilling cut. Each player has 20 points to construct their list, allowing for strategic creativity. Utilize any standard ship from the vast X-Wing arsenal. Randomized objectives for each round, adding excitement and requiring adaptive tactics. An opportunity to showcase your skills and prove yourself as the ultimate X-Wing pilot.

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