The Michigan GT Paint Cup

The Michigan GT this year will be holding a painting competition.

The competition will consist of 5 categories. The three entries receiving the highest judge scores in each category receive a prize. The categories are:

  • Single Model – must be a single human-sized miniature mounted on an appropriately sized base. This category also includes miniatures mounted on smaller vehicles can creatures like bikes, jetbikes, beasts, etc.
  • Squad – a squad consists of 3 or more models. The unit may be displayed on an appropriately sized base.
  • Large Model – A single model larger than human-size mounted on an appropriately sized base.
  • Diorama/Duel – An appropriately sized scenic base depicting the world from which the models come from. There are no restrictions on the theme or content.
  • Youngbloods – A category dedicated to competitors 15 years or younger. Any sized miniature can be entered into this category on an appropriately sized base. Entry Guidelines:

Entry into the painting competition is free with a ticket into any of the GT events. If you are not participating in any GT events, there is an entry cost of $5 to enter one category or $10 for all 4 categories. A participant cannot enter more than one entry per category.

Entries must be entered by the person who painted the model on the day of the competition. No one else can enter the model for you.

Each entry must have an accompanying entry from filled out and handed in with registration.


The Michigan GT Paint Cup is a one-day event held on 10/1/22. Entries can be submitted starting at 8am. All entries must be entered by 3pm. Awards will be announced at 7pm

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