Warmachine MKIV Unlimited Steamroller

Dust off your Legacy models and enter the wild west of Unlimited Warmachine to kick off the weekend!

Format: Steamroller 2024 Unlimited Arena

75 points, 1 list required, 2nd list optional. Choose your faction and build across the entire Warmachine catalog! (Remember, in Unlimited, Legacy and MKIV factions are incompatible with each other - sorry, Cygnar, Cryx, and Khador players.)

Prizes for 1st-3rd

3 round max event


Please register on Longshanks as well at https://warmachine.longshanks.org/event/15883/

Steamroller rules can be downloaded for free from https://store.privateerpress.com/steamroller-rules/ or viewed in the Warmachine App.

Event Information

Event Start: