Warmachine Michigan Cup

Close out the weekend with our classic Michigan Cup team tournament!

Teams of 3 will face off against each other for glory and the Michigan Cup Belt! Once teams are paired against each other, matchups will be determined WTC-style. (One team's Captain, determined by roll-off, presents a player's lists, the other team presents 2 lists as potential opponents, the original team chooses one of them, then the process repeats with the remaining list until all players are paired.)

Steamroller 2023 Prime Arena 3-person Team Event (Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant) 75 points: 1 list required per team member, 2nd list optional

Leader models cannot be repeated within the same team.


Painting will NOT be required (but is highly recommended) for Warmachine and Hordes events at the 2021 Michigan Grand Tournament Events.

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