Warmachine Michigan Cup

Team up with friends and throwdown in an epic clash of battles to come out on top! This event will use WTC style pairings during each round to place players in each team against each other.

Steamroller 2024 Scenarios
2 Lists 100pts Per Player, cannot repeat casters among team members Deathclock


Painting will NOT be required (but is highly recommended) for Warmachine events at the Michigan Grand Tournament Events.

Terrain Primer


Team Pairing Rules

● Teams will be paired off against each other randomly in the first round and use the “Swiss Chess” system from the 2nd round onwards.

● A team will never be matched against the same team twice.

● The captains from each team will work together to determine the individual pairings of the players within their teams using the following method:

Each team will have 3 Streamroller sheets to represent the three players on the team. Each team (referred to as Team A and Team B) will meet at the set of three tables (Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3).

Team A will choose one of their players and place the sheet face down on Table 1. Team B will choose one of their players and place the sheet face down on Table 3.

Teams will exchange the remaining sheets for their players.

The sheets on Tables 1 and 3 are revealed.

Team A will choose one of Team B players remaining to face the team A player on Table 1 and place the sheet face down on table 1. Team B will chose one of Team A players to face the Team A player on Table 3 and place the sheet face down on table 3.

Remaining sheets will be placed face down on table 2.

All remaining sheets are revealed.

● All players across the entire tournament will play the same SR 2024 scenario for a given round.

● Players are responsible for providing their own Steamroller objectives, flag and cache. Players may use their own custom, however, they must meet the standards of measurement per the Steamroller document.

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