Kings of War Grand Prix of Michigan

Join us for a 2-day Kings of War GT with 5 games! Players will need a valid 2,300 pt army (with Chariot) from Kings of War 3rd edition, Uncharted Empires and Clash of Kings 2022. Each player will also have 1 chariot to add to their army, please see rules packet for details.

We will play 3 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday.

Registration available at see the event here: REGISTRATION

Rules packet:

Paint Packet:

Charioteer X (1) – The Living Legend returns!

Everyone registered by Sept 1st will be in a drawing for Mantic/KOW items. And MIGT sets up prize support based on registrations that day.

Presented by Attilla Games and Ohio War Kings.

Sponsored by Mantic Games, MIGT and Counter Charge Podcast.

Make sure to check out the other events on Friday at the Convention!

Event Information

Day 1 Event Start:
Day 2 Event Start: